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You can view your claims information here. Or use the link below to access our claims portal.

Claims Portal

Vision and Hearing claims information

To receive reimbursement for your vision and hearing benefit, see the following information:

  • A Vision and Hearing Claim Form can be found below for your convenience.
  • Include diagnosis, services rendered, date of services, provider name, address, NPI Number and charges for the services.
  • Indicate your policy number on all documents.
  • Submit all itemized statements related to the claim via fax or email.
    Fax: (972) 335-1349
    Mail: Careington Benefit Solutions
              P.O. Box 21681,
              Eagan, MN 55121 Attention: Claims

Download Vision and Hearing Claims Form

NOTE: The Vision and Hearing Claim Form is for your convenience only and is not required to submit a claim. If you need to request a new form, you can call 800-264-4000.

Dental Claims should be submitted by your provider. If they are not submitted by your provider, please use the Vision and Hearing Claim Form.